Writing in Nature

November Rain

Writing in Nature Tip #10: I have to admit, November has my least favorite weather of the year (in Illinois, that is). Nothing feels worse to me than cold rain. The brilliant colors of October are mostly gone . . . and if it must be cold, then I prefer snow!

Despite all that, I can still find beauty in November. And perhaps having less to choose from makes that remaining beauty shine even brighter.

Make it your goal today to find beauty in unexpected places. Think about how the gray mist would set the perfect mood for a sinister scene. Study all the different types of rain, finding unique ways to describe each type. Take note of what happens to the world when the sun finally breaks through the clouds. Ponder how you feel when it’s sunny versus when it’s cloudy.

Kids in Nature Tip #10: November rain can be tricky to work with, but not impossible. Bundle your child in warm, waterproof clothes. If you have a porch, you can get a front-row seat for the rain without getting wet in the process. Rain is a perfect sensory experience. Have your child describe how it looks as it falls and lands, how it sounds on different surfaces, how it smells, how it feels on outstretched fingers, and how it tastes on an outstretched tongue!

When the rain stops, put on rubber boots and go puddle-jumping! And if the rain refuses to stop, take an umbrella with you! Kids are fascinated by all the changes rain can bring. You may find worms, a sparkly web, or a newly-created stream. And never give up hope for a rainbow.


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