Teen Yoga 2: Breathe

For more details about yoga, class guidelines, or permission slips for teens, click on the “Yoga” tab at the top of this page.

Second week of teen yoga is underway! If you missed last week, scroll down the page to the previous post.

Theme of the Week: Breathe. Usually we take our breaths for granted. Some people use shallow chest breaths to skate by, or they breathe through the mouth without realizing they should breathe through the nose. Pay attention to your breath. Engage your belly and diaphragm as you breathe in and out through your nose. Yogis believe that the slower we breathe, the longer we live!

Pose of the Week: Square breathing. You can practice this at any time or place, and in any position. The trick is finding the right number that works for you. Four is a good number to start with. Here is how you do one cycle of square breathing: Inhale for four seconds. Hold your breath for four seconds. Exhale for four seconds. Pause at empty for four seconds. End Cycle 1. Keep repeating this cycle as many times as you want. If four seconds seems too short or too long, adjust the time. Keep practicing until it feels natural. Watch a clock until you can count seconds accurately in your head. This is a great breathing exercise for when you feel stressed.

Quotes of the Week:  “The breath is the intelligence of the body.” ~ T.K.V. Desikachar, yogi

Slow and deep into the heart of the day.
With each inhalation comes an exhalation twice as long.
Slow and deep filling the lungs with infinite space,
The sun rises and sets in each single breath.
Forget about tomorrow.
Now is an eternity and life is a victory
So celebrate the heart of the day.
~ Leza Lowitz, yogi poet

Playlist of the Week:  Click here for the songs I play during class.

Journal Questions of the Week: How often do I notice my breath? Do I ever feel thankful for it? How can I become more aware of the way I breathe?

Goal of the Week: Try to pay attention to your breath as much as possible. Take slow, deep, belly breaths—in and out through the nose. Practice square breathing to calm yourself. Bring awareness to your life.

Good luck, and have fun!


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