Farmer's Market

Elizabeth Farmers’ Market: Opening Day!

It’s that time of year again—the time to get local, nutritious food at great prices. Elizabeth Farmers’ Market starts today!

My stall features greeting cards. I also sell water, in case you get parched while looking at all the vegetables and baked goods.

I’ll be helping vendor Sara Sullivan. Sara has a TON of food, all picked fresh today:  asparagus, spinach, lettuce, rhubarb, green onions, cilantro, radishes, and more. She’ll have jams, jellies, sun-dried tomatoes, sage, and other dried treats. And as always, she features their grass-fed beef and lamb (no hormones or antibiotics). Hamburger, steaks, and lamb chops are just a few examples of meats you can buy. Yesterday I tried one of her new products, lamb brats. They were DELICIOUS, even better than pork brats.

Come see us and all the other vendors! Elizabeth Farmers’ Market is every Friday from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. You can find us on Hwy 20 in the parking lot of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Here’s a picture of asparagus and spinach—just a sampling of what you’ll find today!


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