2 Giveaways = 4 Free Books!

UPDATE:  The contest has come to a close! Thanks so much to everyone who entered!! And the winners are . . . *drumroll*

Goodreads Giveaway:  Jeremy, Rebecca, and Katrina! Congratulations, you three! Copies will be in the mail tomorrow!

Spread the Joy Contest: Devri! She put in a lot of elbow grease by writing reviews on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads! Thanks so much, Devri! And thanks to everyone else who wrote reviews too! I really appreciate the support—means the world to me!

Goodreads Giveaway: 3 copies

This one is simple if you have a Goodreads account (if not, go sign up!!). All you have to do is click HERE to enter your name and address. Make sure to read their terms and conditions for the giveaway. Once you’ve entered, all you have to do is wait and see if you win—contest ends December 16th. And while you wait, make sure to add me as a friend! I love getting book recommendations from friends.

“Spread the Joy” Contest: 1 copy

Several of you have already finished EYES OF LIGHTNING and have told me you want another copy to give as a Christmas present. I would love to help you out with that, plus I want to say THANK YOU to all you early readers. Your support and encouraging comments mean the world to me! So this “Spread the Joy” contest is my way of rewarding one of you with a free Christmas gift. Here’s how you enter the giveaway:

  • Write a review of EYES OF LIGHTNING on AMAZON, B&N, or GOODREADS. You can review on one, two, or all three (it’s okay to use the same review on the different sites). You can review the ebook or the paperback—doesn’t matter because all reviews are linked.
  • Use the “Contact Me” form on this website to send me your name and the link(s) of your review(s). I’ll enter you once for each review you post, for a maximum of three entries.
  • Contest ends at 8:00 PM CST, December 16th. I’ll draw a name and announce it that night. Then I’ll get in touch with you. I can either send the free copy to you or directly to the recipient of the gift. I will ship anywhere within the U.S.

And that’s it! Let me know if you have any questions. These will probably be the last two giveaways before Christmas, so GOOD LUCK!!


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