Somewhat-Secret Project Revealed

On Valentine’s Day I hinted at my Super Secret Project in this post. I don’t want it to be a secret anymore.

In mid-April, I’m releasing a new book.

Um, no, it’s not WINGS OF THUNDER, Book 2 in The Thunderbird Legacy.  *dodges rotten tomatoes thrown my way*

I know that’s the book my readers are waiting for—I’m working on it, I swear! Let me explain what happened.

In 2009, I was burnt out from working on EYES OF LIGHTNING. I needed a break from it. I wanted to write something very different, with a new setting and characters. And so I wrote RIVER’S EDGE. It underwent editing in 2010. It’s been languishing on my hard drive ever since.

Throughout March, I’ll be sharing more information about RIVER’S EDGE:  the synopsis, first chapter, cover, and more. But for now, I’ll compare it to EYES OF LIGHTNING . . .


Genre:  YA Paranormal
Recommended for ages:  12 & up
Mythology:  Native American
Setting:  Galena, Illinois
Main character:  15-year-old Ivy Nimiki
Strong suits:  Character development and a family-friendly story
Tone:  Hopeful
Romance:  Just a little


Genre:  YA Horror
Recommended for ages:  14 & up
Mythology:  Slavic (denoting the people of eastern/central Europe who speak Russian, Polish, & more)
Setting:  Thomson, Illinois
Main character:  18-year-old Kasia Maier
Strong suits:  Tight plot and fast-paced thriller
Tone:  Gritty
Romance:  More than a little


Hopefully you’ll see at a glance the big difference here—audience. For EYES OF LIGHTNING, I’ve had readers of ages 8 to 80. It has a wide appeal. RIVER’S EDGE will not have wide appeal. The target audience is older teens and twenty-somethings, maybe even thirty-somethings. I wouldn’t say it’s as scary as Stephen King, but it does have a few creepy scenes. In the near future I’ll be posting one of those scenes, so you can determine if it’s too spooky for you.

Since the characters are older in RIVER’S EDGE, the tone of the book is grittier. I made it as clean as possible, but the content had to be realistic for an 18-year-old. I adore Kasia—she loves nature and biology and women’s rights. She enjoys sarcastic banter with her best friend, Jen. She avoids guys . . . until she gets stuck with a coworker she calls Blayne the Pain.

In some ways, RIVER’S EDGE is a better book than EYES OF LIGHTNING. Some of you will like RIVER better. Most of you will prefer EOL. And that’s perfectly okay. Every book is different, and you don’t have to like all the books I write. But I wanted to go ahead and release RIVER, since it’s not doing me any good hiding in my computer. The goal is to give my readers something to enjoy while they wait for the second Thunderbird book (which I’ll finish as soon as I can, I promise).

So more info to come in the next month, but let me know if you have any questions. I can’t wait to share RIVER’S EDGE with you!


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