10% of RIVER’S EDGE Sales for Turtle Research!

Happy Release Day to River’s Edge! And to celebrate the release, I’m hosting an exciting launch party all week (and possibly into next week too!)! Keep reading for all the details . . .

My book River’s Edge is loosely based on the turtle research that Iowa State University (ISU) conducts every summer at Thomson Causeway Recreational Area, an Army Corps of Engineers site just outside Thomson, Illinois. The Causeway is almost like an island between Potter’s Slough and the Mississippi River, and this is the location of Turtle Camp.

Turtle Camp was started twenty-five years ago by Dr. Fred Janzen of ISU when he was a graduate student. Now Dr. Janzen mentors many graduate students, undergrads, and even high-schoolers who visit Turtle Camp for research and educational purposes. Click HERE to learn more about the herpetology research conducted by Dr. Janzen’s lab.

The program held every summer at Thomson Causeway is referred to as Turtle Camp Research and Education in Ecology (TREE). To quote the TREE website:

TREE provides high school and undergraduate students with an opportunity to conduct ecological research on organisms in their natural environments, learn key ecological concepts, discuss their work with the public and the scientific community, and participate in multilevel reciprocal mentoring.

In short—TREE is providing valuable biological experience to lots of different people, including urban minorities who otherwise might not have such opportunities. It’s a great program that specializes in education and outreach. I’ve talked to several incredibly nice people involved in this program, and they’re all passionate about biology and sharing that love with the public.

Because I owe the setting and basis of River’s Edge to the TREE program, and because I greatly respect the work they do (I have a degree in zoology), I decided to donate to TREE 10% of River’s Edge sales through May 5th. It doesn’t matter where you buy the book (online or in person from me), or which format it is (ebook or paperback), I’ll forward 10% of ALL those sales to Dr. Janzen’s team of turtle researchers.

The best part of this week-long online launch party—each day I’ll be featuring a new interview with current or past participants of TREE! So make sure to stop by the website every day to hear what these inspirational biologists have to say. Believe me, you won’t want to miss it!

I’m super excited about this chance to support TREE! And the more sales I have, the more I’ll be able to donate, so please help me to spread the word about River’s Edge! You can find book-buying info HERE. Or if you would be willing to display a flyer at your school, work place, or local business, click HERE for a document you can print off. Thanks so much for your support!


4 thoughts on “10% of RIVER’S EDGE Sales for Turtle Research!

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