River’s Edge Audiobook!



For those who don’t already know this about me, I LOVE audiobooks. I not only listen to them in the car, but also when I cook, clean, or even brush my teeth. I’d guess that I average about fifty audiobooks a year, and probably forty-five of them are Young Adult. I like to think this makes me something of a connoisseur of YA audiobooks, HA. I know a good audiobook when I hear one.

You can imagine how THRILLED I was about the chance to turn River’s Edge into audiobook. All I had to do was find the perfect narrator for the story. So I started listening to audio samples from narrators—lots and lots of samples. None of the them seemed like quite the right fit . . . until I heard Carin Gilfry Lawrence’s audio sample.

A little background on Carin. She’s a mezzo-soprano opera singer with a Master of Music Degree from The Juilliard School. She’s performed in operas, music festivals, and musical theater around the world. When I email her, I never quite know if she’ll be in New York or L.A. or Switzerland. Considering all this, you might expect her to be a bit of a snob. But that’s the best part—she’s the opposite of snobbish. She’s incredibly sweet, supportive, and upbeat about life in general.

River's Edge narrator, Carin Gilfry Lawrence!

River’s Edge narrator, Carin Gilfry Lawrence!

But I didn’t ask Carin to be my narrator because she’s sweet (that’s just a great bonus for me). When I heard her audio sample, I knew I wanted her voice on the River’s Edge audiobook. She has a wide range of tones and expressions. Her comedic timing is spot-on, which is crucial for a story with a lot of sarcasm. She knows the perfect moments to pause, sigh, or laugh. She gives nuances to the different characters based on their personalities and backgrounds. Her Russian accent is exceptional, which she uses to great effect throughout the story. She’s familiar with Slavic mythology, and she knew better than I did how to pronounce the Slavic spirits and names. And the icing on the cake: Carin has an out-of-this-world singing voice, just like River’s Edge main character, Kasia. Carin recorded a song excerpt for the audiobook, and it took my breath away.

Lucky for me, she said yes when I asked her to narrate River’s Edge. And I’m SO excited with how the project turned out. I can’t imagine having anyone else narrate this story; Carin was perfect for the role. Thank you, Carin, for all the time and effort you spent!! This isn’t a good audiobook—it’s an amazing one.

If you’d like to buy the audiobook, you have three main options:

1. Audible.com. Currently available for $19.95, OR you can get it for $7.49 if you try a three-month trial membership with Audible (which you can cancel at any time without having to pay more than $7.49).

2. Amazon. Currently available for $17.46, or get it for FREE by trying a one-month trial membership (again, cancel anytime you want without a fee).

3. iTunes. If you already have iTunes on your computer or other device, you’ll be able to find River’s Edge in the audiobook store for $17.95.

The audio files you download from any of these sites can play on your computer, tablet, iPod, mp3-player, Android, iPhone, Kindle tablet, and more. Audible even gives you the option to download the highest-quality files if you’d like to burn them to CDs from your computer. Lots of possibilities!

CLICK HERE to go to the Audible site and listen to a five-minute sample of the audiobook (by pushing the play button underneath the cover image). You’ll get to hear Carin’s super creepy Russian accent for the forest spirit!

Let me know if you have any questions about any of this, and I’ll do my best to help! Thanks so much for listening!!



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