EYES OF LIGHTNING Wins RONE Honorable Mention! Celebrating with a WINGS OF THUNDER Giveaway!

EOL official cover

On August 9th at the RONE Award Ceremony in Las Vegas, EYES OF LIGHTNING was awarded the Honorable Mention in the Young Adult Paranormal category!!! I think my jaw is still lost on the floor somewhere!

RONE stands for Reward of Novel Excellence, and it recognizes books from small publishing houses or independent authors. The award is unique in that the book must progress through three rounds of evaluation. The first round is the reviewing process by InD’tale Magazine, in which the book must get four stars or higher. The second round is reader preference, when fans vote for their favorite book. Top books from that round are then submitted to a panel of professional judges. Each judge reads the books and ranks them based on continuity, characterization, story arc, and more. Ranks are combined and tallied to determine the best overall book in each genre.

2012_RONE_1stRU(Young Adult - Paranormal)

I’m SO blessed by the people in my life who helped make this award possible. I have a quality book thanks to my editor, Ellie Ann, my wonderful test readers, and my cover designer, Rod Karmenzind. Also sending out a huge THANK YOU to all the fans who voted during the second round. Without you amazing people, my book never would’ve made it to the panel of judges!

And so, this is where I celebrate, throw a big party, and do a little jig! I wish I could give you ALL a free book! But since I can’t quite manage that level of partying, the least I can do is give away one book! If you voted, you’ve already read EYES OF LIGHTNING. But you haven’t read WINGS OF THUNDER yet . . . and hopefully you want to? If so, and if you voted during the RONE awards, leave a comment on this post and you’re automatically entered to win a free copy of WINGS OF THUNDER as soon as I have the paperbacks (probably mid-November). Or I can send you the ebook version sooner, in early November. This is my very first giveaway of WOT—my way of saying THANK YOU to my awesome fans!!

Giveaway ends a week from now, Saturday, August 31st, 8:00 PM CST. So be sure to leave a comment before then, and good luck!!

UPDATE:  Congrats to Michelle! You win a free copy of WINGS OF THUNDER!!  🙂 


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