Wings of Thunder

WINGS OF THUNDER Cover Release!!

I love all my writing days, but one of the best is Cover Release Day! I thrive on the collaboration that goes into the cover, and it’s amazing how the art helps bring the story alive. My cover designer is the uber talented artist, Rod Karmenzind, and he did not disappoint with the WOT cover. In fact, it’s my favorite cover yet—which is really saying something, considering how much I loved the first two he made for me! See how gorgeous it is:

WOT cover JPG

Isn’t it breathtaking?? Gets me every time. I especially love the combo of blue wings, clouds, and lightning. Rod, I know I’ve thanked you already, but I’ll probably just keep thanking you for the rest of my life.   😉

So what is this book about, you ask? I just happen to have a synopsis for you:

I can’t love. To love is to kill. I don’t love him. I don’t.

If she were a normal fifteen-year-old girl, Ivy Nimiki would only be worried about getting her driver’s license, arguing with her dad, and finding time to spend with her friends. She wouldn’t be losing sleep over her sudden lack of storm control, the inevitable curse that will claim the life of the boy she loves, and her nightmares of the Great Horned Serpent. Ivy never has been, and never will be, normal. It’s up to her to find an amulet to defeat the Serpent and end the curse. But how can she do that when the Thunderbird has disappeared? She needs the strong wings of thunder, plus the three newest members of the clan. Gabe’s touch affects her like no other’s, Cal’s heart keeps time with hers, and Dan’s soul holds her together. When falling in love, do you listen to your body, heart, or soul?

So there you have it! WINGS OF THUNDER releases Nov. 15th—just two weeks away! If you haven’t read EYES OF LIGHTNING, Book 1 in The Thunderbird Legacy, I have good news for you—the ebook is currently on sale for only $1.99. You can find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. If you want to read the first chapter or get more info, go HERE.

Even more good news! To celebrate this lovely cover, I’m having a WINGS OF THUNDER contest, starting now and ending Monday, Nov. 4th at 8:00 PM CST. All you have to do is share the WOT cover on a social network and you will be entered to win a free copy of WOT (ebook or paperback, your choice)! So you can share the photo on Facebook, retweet the link on Twitter, pin the photo on Pinterest, reblog on Tumblr or here on WordPress. Just be certain to share from my original posts so I can easily track the shares—don’t copy and paste into a brand new post because I might not see it. Contest is limited to one entry per person (feel free to share it as often as you like! But I’ll only count each person once for the sake of my sanity). I’ll announce the winner of the free WOT copy on Monday. Good luck, and thanks so much for sharing! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again many, many times:  I love my readers. Ya’ll are the best.  ❤


3 thoughts on “WINGS OF THUNDER Cover Release!!

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