My Chance at Neverland

I have an exciting opportunity that I’m eager to share with the world:  I’ve been invited to join a group of amazing people at Noble Beast, a publisher of enhanced e-books (combining stories, art, music, interactive maps, and more)! They’re taking classics and reinventing them with a fantasy or sci-fi twist.

When asked which classic I wanted to rewrite, I decided on a post-apocalyptic PETER PAN with sci-fi appeal. It’s a world where kids don’t want to grow up, because something terrible happens to them at the age of sixteen. Their only hope is a rogue named Peter and his sidekick, Tink. They help children escape to the wild fringes of London, otherwise known as Neverland. Wendy and her brothers will have to decide whether to face the perils awaiting them in Neverland . . . or choose to fight Hook and the corrupt government.

Noble Beast paired me with an artist, the extremely talented Alex Kosakowski, who will create the artwork for the enhanced e-book.

Kickstarter cover photo

You can see examples of Alex’s art on his galleries or his website. He’s already created two beautiful illustrations for PETER PAN:





I love the details and how the personalities shine through. I am SO EXCITED about this project!

Noble Beast has over a dozen classics lined up to be created as enhanced e-books. Really cool stories about The Three Musketeers battling aliens, Moby Dick in space, a Pride & Prejudice coven, The Jungle Book Shapeshifters, and many more!

Unfortunately, Noble Beast won’t have the funds to pay everyone involved (authors, artists, producers, etc) unless their Kickstarter fundraiser is a success. Can you pledge some money toward this project? For example, an $8 pledge now would guarantee you a free copy of PETER PAN (a $15 value) when it releases in late 2014. Or $25 would guarantee you four of the Noble Beast Classics. These are just examples—you can pledge $1 or $1000! You’ll find all the details of the Kickstarter HEREIt explains how the enhanced e-books look the best on iPads, but you can also get a PDF, EPUB, MOBI, or iBooks version.

If you pledge money and the Kickstarter does not meet its goal, you’ll be charged $0. So you have nothing to lose, but you could GAIN some awesome e-books at low prices. Please consider supporting this project so I can write PETER PAN for all of you, and so several other people can also create out-of-this-world stories. Only 23 days left in the fundraiser, so don’t hesitate! Please share the Kickstarter with others who might be interested in supporting it—thank you so much!!


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