A Video from the Future (of ebooks)

Everything you need to know about Noble Beast!


Q: What is Noble Beast? Is that like a unicorn?

A:  Noble Beast is a publisher of enhanced e-books. They are riding a unicorn to the future! Or something like that.

Q: What are enhanced ebooks? Have they undergone plastic surgery?

A:  Enhanced ebooks are certainly bigger and better than a typical ebook. They combine a story with art, music, audio, interactive maps, and more. It’s truly an immersive experience that will redefine literature. It’s hard to explain what the enhanced ebooks are really like . . . which is why I made a video of one. Check it out!!

Q: Where can I get the awesome ebook shown in this video?

A:  Excellent question, my friend! That ebook is SLICE OF LIFE by Ellie Ann—click HERE for all the details and to enter a huge giveaway! Plus, SOL is currently on sale in the App Store for only $3.99!

Q: The video also mentioned a Kickstarter. Is that how I get my lawnmower to work?

A:  That could very well be true. But the Kickstarter in the video is for Noble Beast Classics. We want to kick off this project with a bang! We’re taking classics and reinventing them with a fantasy or sci-fi twist. So your favorite stories will be available in a wild new way.

Q: What’s your story?

A:  Is that a philosophical question? OH, you mean my story for Noble Beast. I’m slated to write a post-apocalyptic PETER PAN with sci-fi appeal. It’s a world where kids don’t want to grow up . . . because something horrible happens to them at the age of sixteen. Their only hope is a rogue named Peter who helps children escape to the wild fringes of London, otherwise known as Neverland.

Peter Pan artwork by Alex Kosakowski!

Peter Pan artwork by Alex Kosakowski!

Q: Is Peter Pan the only Noble Beast Classic?

A:  Nope, there are 14 others! Really incredible stories too—read the full list HERE!

Q: How can I get a Noble Beast Classic? Kick something?

A:  No kicking necessary! Just go to the KICKSTARTER website and buy the package that works best for you. Do you want one ebook? Seven? All fifteen? It’s completely up to you! Buying the ebooks NOW means you get them at reduced price when they release next year. This could also be the perfect Christmas present for the techie reader on your list! And there’s a bonus: if you spend $8 or more, you’ll get a free enhanced ebook, STEAMPUNK HOLMES, immediately after the Kickstarter is successful! If you pledge money and the Kickstarter does not meet its goal, you’ll be charged $0. So you have nothing to lose, but you could gain some awesome ebooks and more! Only nine days left in the Kickstarter, so buy now and tell everyone you know!

Q: *runs to buy half-price ebooks*

A:  Great talking to you! Just let me know if you have any more questions!


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