Wings of Thunder

WINGS OF THUNDER Audiobook Giveaways!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Karen for winning the blog giveaway, and to Toni and Victoria for winning the Facebook giveaway!

For the month of April I’m celebrating the awesomeness of the WINGS OF THUNDER audiobook! And I can say that without feeling conceited, because voice actress Terri Doty took the book and brought it to life with her powerful narration. She made ME laugh and cry, and I should’ve been immune to my own story! Check out this excerpt of the audiobook:

Plus I LOVED this hilarious blooper reel of WOT audio that Terri created. I laughed so hard my ribs were sore!

What kind of celebration would this be without prizes?? This is your chance to win one of several free copies of the WOT audiobook! I’m currently giving away a copy to my email newsletter list, but I have four other giveaways lined up . . .

Schedule of WOT Audiobook Giveaways:

1. This Blog Post: April 1st-4th
2. Facebook: April 7th-11th
3. Twitter: April 14th
4. Pinterest: April 22nd-25th

All these contests will end at 8:00 PM CST on the final day.

Meanwhile, Terri will be giving away copies as well! She’s doing a series of really fun contests on Tumblr where people have to guess which actor she imagines for the three main boys in WOT: Cal, Dan, and Gabe. So that’s three weeks of giveaways, and week one is already underway. Plus you might want to follow her on Twitter and Facebook . . . never know when she might do a sporadic giveaway!

If you haven’t yet read EYES OF LIGHTNING, Book 1 in The Thunderbird Legacy, you should. You’ll enjoy WINGS OF THUNDER even more if you read EOL first. All ebook, paperback, and audiobook options for EOL can be found HERE.

So, back to this week’s giveaway of WOT. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post. Not just any comment! You have to answer this question: Do you typically listen to audiobooks? Why or why not? 

From the commenters I’ll pick a random winner at 8:00 PM on April 4th. If you win, I’ll email you the code for the free audiobook. If you don’t win, try again with the other contests! Good luck!!


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