RIVER’S DEEP Audiobook!

River's Deep ACX cover

If you know me at all, you know how much I adore audiobooks and how I listen to them all the time. All four of my own books are available in audio format, but there’s something special about my newest audiobook, RIVER’S DEEP. It’s my first audiobook with multiple narrators, AND it features music throughout. Very creepy/beautiful music performed by my audiobook producer (and opera singer!) Carin Gilfry. To give you a taste of this music, here’s a video of Carin singing the Rusalka Song (along with my photographs of the Mississippi River):

Isn’t her voice ethereal?! Perfect for emulating the sounds of the rusalki, who use their singing to lure men to destruction. Carin is the opposite of evil, but she sure did nail that tempting song.

Joining Carin in the RIVER’S DEEP audiobook is Adrian Rosas, who narrates Blay’s chapters. Adrian is also an opera singer (!!!). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to showcase his singing talents since Blay can’t carry a tune. But Adrian does a great job of bringing Blay to life with his voice alone. Here’s an excerpt of the audiobook, which starts with Adrian/Blay narrating a romantic scene (ladies, get ready to swoon), and ends with sarcasm and danger from Carin/Kasia:

I was so curious to learn more about Carin and Adrian, and they were more than willing to let me interview them. This is the audio recording of our discussion:

RD interview

I asked them the following questions (make sure to listen to the interview to hear their very interesting answers!):

1. Tell the listeners who you are and the CliffsNotes version of your jobs.

2. So you two have been friends for quite a while now, right? Can you explain how you first met and became friends?

3. Carin, you’ve narrated about sixty audiobooks now! How do you do it? Is it getting easier with each one?

4. Adrian, you’re fairly new to the world of audiobook narration. Is it different than you expected?

5. Carin, you do a lot of singing in the RIVER’S DEEP audiobook. How do you the think the music changes the experience of the audiobook?

6. Adrian, was it hard to play the part of a teenager? How does narration compare to acting onstage?

7. Without spoiling too much, can you both tell me your favorite scene of RIVER’S DEEP?


I love how these two are such close friends. Check out the photos of some of their performances:


Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 9.29.06 PM

That man on the far right? Ira Glass of THIS AMERICAN LIFE fame. How amazing is that?!



So if you haven’t tried audiobooks yet, what are you waiting for?? You can listen to them in the car, or while you’re doing chores, or anytime you need some entertainment in your ears. You can even use Audible on a trial basis and get your first audiobook FREE. Nothing to lose, and you might find that you love audiobooks as much as I do.

With all the music in RIVER’S DEEP, the audiobook really is an enhanced form of the story, one you won’t want to miss. It’s the perfect spooky entertainment for your Halloween season! Buy the audiobook on iTunes, Amazon, or Audible!


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