Writing Workshop 6: Draft Schedules
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Writing Workshop 6: Draft Schedules

The first building block of writing style was VOICE. The second was CHARACTERS. The third was PLOT. The fourth was THEMES. The fifth was DETAILS. This last writing workshop is more of a wrap-up, a looking-ahead to that day when your book is finally done. You’ll need a plan, a schedule for your drafts. Here’s the schedule … Continue reading

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My Writing and Publishing Timeline

The Journey from Clueless to Indie Author Fall 2002:  This was when I first got the idea for EYES OF LIGHTNING. I was a junior in college, working in the ecology lab sorting macroinvertebrates from aquatic samples (seriously—that was my job). I’d recently seen the Stephen King movie Dreamcatcher, and that might’ve inspired the direction … Continue reading

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The SUN Finale

Goodbye, July. Hello, August. Welcome back, Sanity. If you participated in “Summer’s Ultimate Novel,” I’d love to know how you’re feeling right now. Exhausted? Ecstatic? Relieved? Disappointed? Burnt out? Any of these emotions are normal and expected. In fact, I think I felt them all within 24 hours of completing my first novel. To remember … Continue reading