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SUN: Week 4

You’re down to the last stretch—the final seven days of July. Writing a novel is an emotional roller coaster. Maybe a physical one too, if you’re exhausted from late-night writing and stiff from your permanent slouch in front of the computer. After three weeks of highs, lows, success, failure, anti-social behavior, exhaustion, and sore muscles … Continue reading

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SUN: Week 2

Sometimes when we’re writing, we get— *phone rings* *email beeps*  *TV blares* What was I saying? Oh, right. We get distracted.  When we’re really involved in a story, sometimes we can ignore the distractions. During Week 1, we’re all gung ho about writing. By Week 2, maybe the excitement starts to wear off.  Usually we … Continue reading

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SUN: Week One

Happy Fourth of July! If you’re writing “Summer’s Ultimate Novel,” remember to take a celebratory break. Not all day … just part of the day. *cracks whip*   SUN participants—I’d love to hear about your first days of novel-writing! So far I’ve received updates from Vicki and Savannah, but I’m curious to know more.  Possible … Continue reading

1st Drafts

First Draft Goals

If you’re new to “Summer’s Ultimate Novel,” click here to read the first post (listing ideas in a notebook), here to read the second (choosing the right idea), here to read the third (themes and one-line synopsis of your novel), here to read the fourth (one-paragraph synopsis), here to read the fifth (research and settings), … Continue reading