The Thunderbird Legacy


A Young Adult paranormal series based on Native American mythology.

Winner of the 2012 RONE Honorable Mention!

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Book 3, SOUL OF STORM: To be released June 2015. This will be the final book in the series.

Pictures that inspired the stories:

Casper Bluff, the real-life inspiration for the Nimiki Bluff in my story.

Casper Bluff, the real-life inspiration for the Nimiki Bluff in my story.

The trail leading up to the lookout, when Ivy visits Nimiki Bluff for the first time.

The trail leading up to the lookout, when Ivy visits Nimiki Bluff for the first time.

When Ivy stands on the picnic table to look out to the Mississippi River. But imagine lots of storm clouds!

When Ivy stands on the picnic table to look out to the Mississippi River. But imagine lots of storm clouds!

The mighty oak that shelters the Thunderbird mound.

The mighty oak that shelters the Thunderbird mound.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the real-life Casper Bluff and other properties maintained by the Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation.


32 thoughts on “The Thunderbird Legacy

  1. I don’t think I have read such a wonderful book in recent times. I cannot wait for the next one to continue the adventure. I was traveling while reading this book and I was in a lot of pain from an accident. This book reminded me to give it to God when life seems overwhelming.

  2. Is there anyway that you can continue the series. Ever since my friend showed me the first book i have had to have more. And I already have to wait for the third book PLEASE I would do anything for the adventure to continue. I feel as if I somehow connect with Ivy as if we were the same person yet have the artistic abilities of Dan. I HAVE to know that you will at least try to continue this series…. If not the least that you could do would be to point be in the direction of some of your other books. Though I doubt that it could be better than this series considering I LOVE to read yet the is the best book that I have ever even laid hands on and trust me that is saying a lot. πŸ™‚
    YOUR #1 FAN

    • Dear Trinity, aka #1 FAN,

      This sweet comment of yours just made my day! So glad you’re enjoying the Thunderbird series! And yes, I will certainly continue it! πŸ™‚ As quickly as I can, but I don’t want to rush it and give you a subpar reading experience, true? I want each book to be better than the last, because that’s what my readers deserve. While you wait for Soul of Storm, perhaps you would be interested in my other book, River’s Edge? You can find more info about it here: If you decide to read it, I very much hope you enjoy it as well! Thank you so much for your compliments. Maybe you would consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads? I love when readers recommend my books to others! It helps me so much. And feel free to follow me on one of my social networks (links at the top of the page) so we can stay in touch. Hope to talk to you again!

  3. Thanks Erin and in fact ever since I have read the series I cant even count how many others I recommended it to. Thanks for responding and hope you know that we are all egging you on. I cant wait till I have earned enough money to buy rivers edge I know just by reading those two chapters that you posted that it will be an amazing book! ( but still not as good as the thunderbird legacy) wish you luck on writing books for years to come. And just to let you know you have inspired me and so many others….. as a little bit of my background information I started middle school this year and these books really helped me. The only think that I wanted for my birthday (which was only a few days ago) was the second book and I got many of them. I ended up giving some of them to a charity.

    • Trinity, you are such a sweetheart. THANK YOU for recommending the series, for supporting me, for donating extra books, and for inspiring me to keep writing always. Happy belated birthday, and good luck on the remainder of your school year!! Please do keep in touch and let me know what you think of the upcoming books! Wishing you the best and brightest of futures . . . erin

  4. I finished reading rivers edge a few days ago but haven’t yet had the time to get on the internet. Anyway awesome book i am now wondering why they haven’t been made into movies.:)

    • Thank you, Trinity! Thrilled you liked RE! I’m guessing you still prefer the Thunderbird series though? πŸ™‚ As for the movies . . . maybe someday? LOL. Thanks, sweetie!

  5. omg!!! i am such a huge fan of your books!! i’ve read all of you books and can’t wait to read your next book. I’ve been to casper bluff and it is such a beautiful place, and i especially love the thunderbird legacy series. My grandmother has gotten me obsessed with your books and you actually signed my wings of thunder book and you are such an inspiration to me.

    • Hi Zoe!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I agree that Casper Bluff is a beautiful place. Love going there and writing about it. πŸ™‚ I’m writing Soul of Storm now. Thank you for your lovely words—they made my day! Best wishes, and stay in touch!

    • Glad she’s excited! Unfortunately, I’m still working on the book, and I’m not sure when it will release. Definitely won’t be for another few months at least. Wish I had better news for you!

  6. Hi, I absolutely LOVE this series and I can’t wait for Soul of Storm! I know you’re still working on it, but i was wondering if you think it will be done by the end of the year…like somewhere between Oct.- Dec.? I ‘m sorry to ask, I’m sure you’re working on it as hard as you can, but I’m really excited about it! I’ve already read and re-read Eyes of Lighting and Wings of Thunder more time than I can count:)and I’ve mentioned the characters in both books so much my family has started to get annoyed at me. Lol, just wondering when you think it will be done. Thank You so much!

    • Olivia, thank you so much for your kind note! Thrilled you’ve enjoyed the books so far. My goal was to finish SOS by December, but my life is rather crazy right now, so the book might not get done until Spring 2016. So sorry for the delay . . . I’ll do my best to get it out sooner rather than later! Thanks again for all your support!

  7. Hello, It’s me again:) Sorry to bother you, just wondering how SOS is going. I’m so excited about it! Can’t wait till everything in the story is resolved. Is there any chance it will be done this summer? On another note, I hope you and your family are doing well. Good luck with SOS! P.S. I’ve read your River Immortals series and it was amazing! Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Olivia! No bother at all, so nice to hear from you! Unfortunately, SOS will not be ready this summer, and I’m not sure when it will be done. So sorry, wish I had better news for you. We’re well here, just busy. Hope you’re well too! Thanks for reading the RI series and for your comment, I truly appreciate it. xoxo

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