RE Playlist

In the back of RIVER’S EDGE, you’ll find a playlist. The songs can POSSIBLY spoil the story if you haven’t read it yet. So if you’re worried about spoilers, don’t listen to the playlists!!

I’m not one of those authors who listen to music while writing. I actually prefer silence (if the snores of my son in the next room count as silence). However, when I’m not sitting at the computer, I love to listen to music. For every novel or work in progress, I create a playlist on my iPod. Then while I’m cleaning the house or cooking or doing some mundane chore, I entertain myself by listening to the playlist and plotting the story in my head. The music inspires me and helps with brainstorming.

I believe that every chapter is a mini-story. At least one important scene needs to happen in a chapter. So when I’m writing I ask myself, “What’s the theme of this chapter? What am I trying to convey?” This is part of the reason why I chose a song for each chapter in RE. It forced me to make all chapters worthy of a song. The song may not fit perfectly, but it’s connected to how I view that chapter in my mind. Consider it a 3-D experience:  First you read the words, and then you can listen to the song for an added dimension of story-telling.

I’ve loaded a playlist HERE on 8tracks. Or you can listen to the playlist on YouTube. If I had to pick only one song to represent RIVER’S EDGE, I would pick “Angels on the Moon” by Thriving Ivory. But my favorite song is “Firefly” by Ed Sheeran. Enjoy!


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