Writing for All Ages

Publishing for Kids:

1.  Highlights Magazine:  accepts stories, pictures, jokes, etc, from ages 6-12.
2.  Cricket Magazine:  writing and illustrating contests for ages 9-14.
3.  Stone Soup:  accepts stories, poetry, and artwork from kids 13 and younger.
4.  New Moon:  accepts stories, poetry, and artwork from girls, ages 8-12.
5.  Creative Kids: accepts all types of creative work from ages 8-14.
6.  NewPages:  this site contains a huge list of magazines which publish work by young writers (pay close attention to the age limits). The bottom of the page lists writing contests.

Note:  Please read sample issues of magazines (try the library) to discover their guidelines, themes, and preferences. Have a parent or a teacher double-check the fine print and help you submit.

Websites for Kids:

1.  Rocky the Writing Raccoon:  West Carroll’s writing website. Click on the black rectangle for great links!
2.  Young Writers Workshop:  provides ideas to start stories. They also publish stories on their website (ages 4-12).
3.  Young Voices Foundation:  mentoring for writers K-12. Includes contest information.
Contests for Kids:

1.  Dare to be You Essay Contest:  for kids in grades 3rd-7th. Offers cash prizes, and the winning stories will be compiled into a book and published.

Publishing for Teens:

1. Cicada Magazine:  accepts stories, poetry, and artwork from ages 14-23.
2.  Young Writer: accepts all types of stories from ages 18 and younger. Check out their website for Twitter and Facebook links!
3.  Weekly Reader: this includes both Read and Writing magazines. Submit poems, stories, or essays.
4.  Teen Ink:  both a magazine and an online resource for ages 13-19. Submit writing, artwork, photographs, or videos.
5.  NewPages:  this site contains a huge list of magazines and websites which publish work by young writers. Pay close attention to the advice at the top of the page.

Note:  Please read samples of magazines (try the library) to know their guidelines, themes, and preferences. If you’re 14 or younger, see the “Kids” page for more publishing resources.

Websites for Teens:

1. Teen Writers and Artists Project:  a forum to post your work and ask questions.
2. KidPub:  an online forum where young writers can post stories, view writing news and contests, and possibly even publish a book (see the website for more details). The forum requires a small yearly fee, but I think it’s worth it.

3. Word:  a literary blog full of writing tips, book discussions, and helpful links.
4. Young Voices Foundation:  mentoring writers K-12. Includes information on writing contests and more.
5. Young Writers Project:  this forum is only open to students in Vermont; however, much of the website can be viewed by anyone. I especially liked the resources listed under the “Learn” tab at the top of the page.
6. Word Central:  word games, buzzwords, and trivia.
7. Grammar Book:  grammar and punctuation rules.
8. WritingFix:  lessons, tips, and writing prompts for adults and kids.
9. Slang Dictionary:  teen-lingo.
10. Write Like Crazy:  an inspiring blog for young writers.

Contests for Teens:

1.  Teen Ink:  this page lists several contests for ages 13-19.
2.  NewPages:  scroll to the bottom of the page for a variety of contests.


A Guide to Writing for College—recommended by the Teen Zone Writing Club in Colorado!

National Novel Writing Month—how I wrote fifty thousand words in one month.

The Snowflake Method—the method of outlining I used for my first novel.

Writer’s Digest—downloadable character/plot/setting sketches, checklists, etc.

Dictionary—dictionary and thesaurus.

Slang Dictionary—online slang definitions.

Britannica—online encyclopedia.

Guide to Grammar and Writing—answers about grammar, mechanics, etc.

Absolute Write—a forum offering a wide range of tools to writers.

Biographies—provides bios on famous people.

Histories—lists important events on every day in history.

Measuring Worth—converts historical money to current values.

Behind the Name—lets you search for the meanings of your characters’ names.

Newspaper Archives—gives access to thousands of newspaper articles.

American Christian Fiction Writers—an organization for writers and readers.

My Book Therapy—offers manuscript and craft evaluations, personal coaching, and more.


Writer’s Market—requires a fee, but it provides writing advice, up-to-date agency info, and folders to keep track of your agent wish-list.

Preditors & Editors—a list of agencies and their reputations.

Writer Beware—helps writers avoid scams.

Publishers Weekly—updates on the publishing industry.

Nathan Bransford—a literary agent with a blog-load of great advice.

Rachelle Gardner—another literary agent providing helpful information.

The Query Project—a list of authors who posted their successful query letters.

Fangs, Fur, & Fey—a collection of query letters by fantasy authors.

AuthorHouse—a self-publishing site recommended to me.

Copyrighting—info about copyright law.

Guide to Literary Agents—subscribe to this blog if you’re looking for an agent.

Jane Friedman—a blog with a wide variety of advice for writers.

CWIM—Editor Alice Pope’s fabulous blog about the children’s/YA market.

Cynsations—Cynthia Leitich Smith’s blog, featuring interviews, resources, and news in children’s and YA literature. On her blog, find the link to her website, which is even more amazing.


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